Jar of various sized artist paintbrushes

Hi my name is Jackie!

I have yet to understand if I found Art just over 7 years ago, or Art found me.

I’ve always enjoyed creativity; but for many years it was with sewing, clothing alteration/design, and home décor.  Combining colours, playing lights against darks and even redecorating as part of my own home renovations has always come easily to me.  The day I picked up a paintbrush, all things changed. My family and friends watched quietly and although they said very little, no one was more surprised than I was.  As I gave up more interests and found greater pieces of my time to paint, I knew I was entering a fascinating new point of my life. 

I’m a self-taught artist, working with the beautiful blends of acrylic colour. The titles of my paintings are a big part of my art pieces, and they are always clear to me as soon as I begin a new project.  I spend time wondering if I speak through my paintings or my paintings speak through me, but I’ll accept either.  In these early years I’ve been concentrating on bright florals and landscapes.  I love painting trees with all of their rough edges and depths of colour, and fallen trees are a favourite of mine.

At the end of 2018 I retired from the oil industry and have since had my full days to paint and create, with all the time that is my own.  There is so much more for me to learn and experience.  You’re welcome to come back often, as you’ll want to see how I grow in this wonderful life of creativity!

Thank you for visiting my gallery.