Joanie And Family – Set of 4 Hand Painted Coasters

  • 4 Coaster Set – Hand Painted
  • Acrylic
  • Sealed For Use With Hot or Cold Beverages
  • Free Shipping Canada Wide
  • Sold


Joanie and Family is a hand painted 4″ natural slate coaster set. Full set of 4 included. I created my Joanie character in 2021 and have painted her in plenty of fun Life Experiences. Each of these coasters is a painting on its own. I have varnished these pieces to protect my artwork and then sealed them with a concrete sealer. They are bright and beautiful with rubber feet on the under side to protect any surface. These coasters can be used with either Hot or Cold beverages and make wonderful gifts for any occasion.


My name is Jackie St Pierre and I am a self-taught independent Canadian artist. My interests lean toward floral and landscape paintings but I also have some interesting off canvas pieces. All pieces are original, acrylic hand painted art.