Tulips Tomorrow



“Tulips Tomorrow” is a Framed Original Acrylic Painting on a 5″ x 7″ canvas board. This is painting number 3 in my Trio of Tulips series. Each of my paintings are sold separately and a few of the photos attached here include the other paintings in the series for reference only. I always take several photos of my fresh flowers when I bring them home, and in this case I singled out just a few to photograph in a small wine carafe. Less is More they Say! They were lovely in that form so I created 2 small paintings and one large one from these tulips. All of my artwork is completed with 2 coats of professional varnish. I often use a Matte finish for the 2nd coat, but in the case of these 3 pieces I chose a Gloss finish, and I’m really pleased with the results.  This 5 x 7 painting is sold in this lightweight plastic frame (as shown), which almost has a brass nickel appearance. Its a lovely match for this pretty piece. This frame has a hook fixture on the back and can be hung on the wall or neatly on a desk, bathroom vanity, or bookshelf.


My name is Jackie St Pierre and I am a self-taught independent Canadian artist. My interests lean toward floral and landscape paintings but I also have some interesting off canvas pieces. All pieces are original, acrylic hand painted art.